Saturday, May 19, 2012

Email Updates: Sign-up

Dont you hate it when your friends always seem to know when someone has won HOH before you know? Are you tired of ALWAYS being the last person to find out who got the POV?


  Sign-up for the 'BB Newsflash' Email Updates to receive email notifications on things going on the house! It is completely free and you receive up to the minute email notifications on stuff going on the house!

*Please Note: By signing up for the Big Brother Newsflash email notifications you agree to receive spoilers on things that have yet to air on the show, (Example: HOH winner, POV, Breaking News, ect...) 

Your privacy is the up most importance to us! We will not sell or give out your information to anyone...EVER!!!

So....What are you waiting for?
CLICK HERE to Sign-up!

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