Saturday, May 5, 2012

'Big Brother' vs. 'The Glass House'

ABC facing copyright infringement suit from CBS over new show 'The Glass House'.

'The Glass House' is set to premiere June 18th.

 ABC has announced a new television show that has combined CBS's 'Big Brother' and FOX's 'American Idol'.....Called 'The Glass House'.

The premise of the show is that 14 contestants will live together and compete for $250,000. Not only are contestants competing against each other but also to win over the viewing audience because the viewers control the game. Viewers help determine which contestants are sent home each week by voting online and through social networking sites. The viewer interaction doesn't stop there......several times a week viewers can watch a live feed of the players and decide everything from what players eat and wear, even to where they sleep. Viewers also will have the chance to give their favorite contestants feedback on their game from outside the house. Contestants will also get the chance to return to house, of course that being voted on each week by the viewers also. 'The Glass House' is set to premiere June 18th, 2012 at 10 PM on ABC.

Now CBS is threatening to sue ABC for Copyright Infringement because the show is very similar to CBS's 'Big Brother'. To show ABC how serious they are about a lawsuit, CBS demand that ABC preserve all documents, texts, and emails about the creation of the show. If CBS and ABC go to court. CBS lawyers would scour them for evidence that the show is a exact rip off from 'Big Brother'.

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