Sunday, January 22, 2012

Changes to the Changes

The major change I have made to the Blog/Website/Facebook/Twitters/Email is they all will from now on CONTAIN SPOILERS. We will be becoming a Spoilers only website. Since I am a 1 man team, it will be much easier on me and you. Read more on the individual changes to each of those sections below.

Spoiler: A published piece of information that divulges a surprise. 
(In this case spoiler means to Inform the viewers of something that has yet to air on the show.)

Website: We will be getting rid of the 'TV Viewers' Website. Completely. The Website will just have the spoiler site.

The BB Newsflash: The Newsflash will be just that, a News Flash! When ever something 'spoiler' worthy happens ( HOH, Nominations, POV, ect....) a email will be sent to you telling you the breaking news. Also the Weekly email update has been cancelled. You can sign up for the Newsflash on the sidebar or on our facebook page or the website.

The Blog: New changes dont stop.... to the blog! The blog WILL Be posting spoilers this season, I will repeat, the blog WILL POST SPOILERS! No more Spoiler page, instead we will post updates on the main page (Like this post)

Other Stuff: The Twitter will still post Big Brother After Dark Updates (which will be sent to the Facebook page as well). The Blog also will not be posting anymore Episode Summary’s. The Blog however will continue to do an Eviction Prediction. Also our Website will have a Weekly Poll which will have a new question each week about the house.

Important Things to remember:
  • Weekly poll will start a new question each week starting the end of June.
  • The Big Brother Insider is now a SPOILER site. 
  • Our Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitters will post and contain spoilers.

Thanks for taking the time to Read this. I hope you enjoy the changes. If you want to make a comment, question, or a suggestion about the changes please CLICK HERE.

Lets make 2012 a Great Year and a Awesome Season of 'Big Brother' !

Thanks for your Continued Support,
The BB Insider

P.S: The Changes will take affect ASAP.

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